Maya Williams: My Fish Tank

My fish tank.. it’s very pretty to look at when I can’t sleep and I enjoy watching the fish swim by and the plants flow. I have pretty drift wood placed so that my fish can have spots to be comfortable at.  The bright green plants adds to the decor of the tank. My favorite fish currently is my red and purple betta fish, which I named Fred 🙂.  I also have Albino Corys which are all white. I think they’re unique because to me they look iridescent.

I love my fish tank because it’s a relaxing part of my room with beautiful creatures within it . I like telling people about my fish tank in my room and what things I have. Plus I have shrimps and the number of them increase more and more, they make the tank look more alive .

Another thing I have in my tank are snails, more than one type but my favorite is the assassin snails . With their tan and brown stripes it looks cool .. I love my tank!

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