Florida Aquarium Tour

This past week my family decided to plan a surprise birthday gift for me. Despite being born and raised in Florida I had yet to visit any of the state’s aquariums. In a sense Sea World is a huge aquarium but I’d only go there for the Orca’s and dolphins mostly.

As we started our venture last weekend I still had the slightest idea of where we were headed until we pulled up to the parking area. I was immediately excited when I saw street signs for the Florida Aquarium, located in Tampa Florida.

I was floored by all of the lovely sights and vast scape of beauty that the world’s oceans encompass and it was put on display masterfully by the Florida Aquarium.

The amount of spectacle would require too much typing but below is a short video of the experience and hopefully it will shed light on the beauty and wonders of the worlds oceans and also give some incentive to visit.

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